Friday, August 10, 2007

About this blog

Given the recent flurry of visitors, I want to restate a comment I made on the 2008 blog.

Do not tell me that I'm missing information or about how inaccurate my information is. If it's inaccurate and you can correct the errata, then tell me what to correct and I'll do so. If it's inaccurate but you have no factual information that can remedy the errata, save some anecdotal evidence of "at least a dozen" people who're clerking, or that "I can think of at least three that aren't listed," but you fail to name who they're clerking for, I'll ignore your comments. It's utterly unproductive. You must name the judge that a clerk from a given school is working for. I will not include generic tallies of reported clerks from a given school.