Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Greetings, ATL readers!

I wondered where the surge in posts came from, and I attribute it solely to the judicial diva (divo?) at Above the Law. A few comments.

First, this format is meant to be easy for me to do. Sorry, it's low-tech, but that's what you'll get from me. If you're capable of pressing Ctrl+F, you should find everything you need rather quickly and easily.

Second, I'm always glad to fill in information, and I'm pleased that individuals have been coming to bat for their respective schools with more insight. I'll take it all and update when I get the chance. This list is based upon second-hand reported information given to me from anonymous sources. Admittedly, it may have errors, but those will be corrected as soon as they are made known to me. Some have been confirmed by first-party sites. The biggest problem with this site is the lack of information; rarely has a reported school been incorrect.

Third, this site focuses solely on federal appellate clerks. There are numerous resources for Supreme Court clerks, and it does not track staff attorneys.

Fourth, this particular blog only looks at those hired for the 2007-2008 term. Originally, I made an exception for a few exceptions for judges who hire one year in advance (for example, Katzman and Cabranes). I retracted the (few) 2008-2009 clerks listed. The list includes both current students and alumni, as long as they will clerk in 2007-2008.

Finally, check out the 2006 and 2007 version of the Law Firm Addict, a source for placement of summer associates into Vault 100 firms.



Blogger aglu said...

"This list is based upon second-hand reported information given to me from anonymous sources."
And the source of the information is reliable?

3:40 AM, February 18, 2009  
Anonymous San Diego Attorney said...

Good to have the list. Thanks for the post.

6:32 PM, February 18, 2009  

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