Saturday, September 30, 2006

About this data

I've only included clerks hired this year. A two-year clerk in the second year of a clerkship for 2007-2008, for instance, would not be included. I've been keeping some track of whether it's 3Ls or graduates, and I'll update that once we get some more data. Feel free to post anonymously. I'll add all the senior judges, and mark them as such, after I get more comfortable with the data and start getting wider results reported. Right now, I have absolutely zero data from any senior judge. Finally, I took most of my information from the Clerkship Notification Blog, linked in the sidebar, and for that I am truly grateful.

1st Circuit

Boudin: Harvard, Harvard, Harvard
Howard: Cornell, Harvard
Lynch: Harvard, Harvard, Stanford
Selya: Duke, Harvard
Torruella: Columbia, Columbia, Columbia
Stahl (Sr.): NYU, Penn

Unavailable: Lipez, Campbell (Sr.), Coffin (Sr.), Cyr (Sr.)

2nd Circuit

Cabranes: Yale, Yale
Calabresi: Harvard, NYU, Penn, Yale
Hall: Brooklyn, NYU, Vermont
Jacobs: Columbia, Yale
Katzmann: Harvard, Harvard, NYU, Yale
Livingston: Columbia, Columbia
Pooler: Yale
Raggi: Harvard, NYU
Sack: Stanford, Yale
Straub: Chicago, Stanford
Sotomayor: Chicago, Stanford, Yale
Walker: Cornell, Texas, Yale
Wesley: Iowa, Penn, Yale
Cardamone (Sr.): Cornell
Feinberg (Sr.): Columbia
Kearse (Sr.): Columbia, Harvard, Harvard
Leval (Sr.): Columbia, Emory, Stanford
Newman (Sr.): Boston U, Duke
Miner (Sr.): none
Winter (Sr.): Yale

Unavailable: Parker, McLaughlin (Sr.), Meskill (Sr.), Oakes (Sr.)

3rd Circuit

Ambro: Boston College, Georgetown, Michigan, Penn
Barry: Penn
Chagares: Brooklyn, Cornell
Fisher: Georgetown, Temple
Fuentes: Harvard, NYU
Hardiman: Duke
Jordan: Penn
McKee: Penn
Rendell: NYU, Penn
Scirica: Penn, Penn, Vermont
Sloviter: UCLA
Smith: Ave Maria, Dickinson, Georgetown, Harvard
Van Antwerpen: Temple, W&M
Aldisert (Sr.): Harvard, Oklahoma
Cowen (Sr.): Virginia
Greenberg (Sr.): Rutgers
Roth (Sr.): Duke, Texas
Stapleton (Sr.): Georgetown
Weis (Sr.): Columbia

Unavailable: Garth (Sr.), Nygaard (Sr.)

4th Circuit

Duncan: Duke, [Duke]
Gregory: Georgetown, Northwestern, Yale
King: Virginia, W&L, W&L, West Virginia
Michael: Georgetown
Motz: Michigan, NYU, Stanford, Virginia
Niemeyer: Notre Dame, Virginia, Yale
Shedd: Harvard, Harvard
Widener: Georgetown, Memphis, Tennessee
Wilkins: none
Wilkinson: Harvard, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Yale
Chapman (Sr.): Inactive
Phillips (Sr.): Inactive

Unavailable: Traxler, Williams, Hamilton (Sr.)

5th Circuit

Barksdale: Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi, Texas
Benavides: NYU
Clement: Notre Dame, Richmond, Stanford
Davis: Emory, LSU
DeMoss: Texas
Dennis: Cleveland State, Stanford
Garza: Chicago, Georgetown, NYU
Jolly: Duke, Harvard, Stanford
Jones: Minnesota, Harvard, Texas
King: Houston, Texas
Owen: Harvard, Michigan, Texas, Yale
Prado: GWU, Texas
Smith: Texas, Virginia, Yale
Stewart: Tulane
Wiener: Columbia, LSU
Garwood (Sr.): Texas, Texas
Higginbotham (Sr.): Texas, Yale
Reavley (Sr.): Texas, Texas

Unavailable: Duhé (Sr.)

6th Circuit

Batchelder: George Mason, Ohio State
Boggs: Notre Dame, Virginia, Yale
Clay: Duke, UCLA
Cole: Boalt, Michigan, Yale
Cook: Akron, Columbia, Harvard, WUSTL
Daughtrey: Boalt, Chicago
Gibbons: Stanford, Stanford
Gilman: Boalt, Duke, Georgetown, NYLS
Martin: Boston U, Michigan, Virginia
McKeague: Ohio State
Moore: Harvard, Michigan
Rogers: Georgetown, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Virginia
Sutton: Harvard, Notre Dame, Stanford, Virginia
Keith (Sr.): Boalt, Stanford, Yale
Kennedy (Sr.): Michigan, Wayne State
Merritt (Sr.): Columbia, Vanderbilt
Siler (Sr.): Kentucky, Kentucky, Vanderbilt
Engle (Sr.): inactive
Lively (Sr.): inactive
Milburn (Sr.): inactive
Nelson (Sr.): none
Wellford (Sr.): inactive

Unavailable: Griffin, Guy (Sr.), Norris (Sr.), Ryan (Sr.), Suhrheinrich (Sr.)

7th Circuit

Easterbrook: Chicago, Chicago
Evans: Virginia
Flaum: Northwestern, Northwestern
Kanne: Cornell, Michigan, Wisconsin
Manion: Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Notre Dame
Posner: Chicago, Stanford, Yale
Ripple: Fordham, Michigan, Virginia
Sykes: Harvard, Marquette, Notre Dame
Williams: Northwestern
Wood: Boalt, Chicago, Penn
Bauer (Sr.): Northwestern
Wood, Jr. (Sr.): Inactive

Unavailable: Rovner, Coffey (Sr.), Cudahy (Sr.)

8th Circuit

Arnold: Michigan
Benton: Duke, Missouri, WUSTL
Bye: Minnesota, UConn
Colloton: Chicago, Harvard, Iowa
Gruender: Duke, Notre Dame, WUSTL
Loken: Chicago, Minnesota, Yale
Melloy: Iowa, Iowa
Murphy: Duke, Michigan, Minnesota
Smith: Arkansas, Stanford
Wollman: Iowa
Bright (Sr.): Boston College, Georgetown, Penn
Hansen (Sr.): Minnesota
Magill (Sr.): Georgetown

Unavailable: Riley, Shepherd, Beam (Sr.), Bowman (Sr.), Fagg (Sr.), Gibson (Sr.), Lay (Sr.), Ross (Sr.)

9th Circuit

Bea: George Mason, Iowa, NYU, UCLA
Berzon: NYU, NYU, Stanford, Yale
Bybee: Columbia, Harvard, UCLA
Callahan: McGeorge
Clifton: Boalt, Hawaii, Stanford, Yale
Fisher: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Yale
W. Fletcher: Boalt, Harvard, Minnesota, Yale
Gould: Georgetown, Michigan, UCLA
Hawkins: Columbia, Harvard, Stanford
Ikuta*: Columbia, Michigan, Stanford, USC, Vanderbilt
Kleinfeld: Harvard, Hastings
Kozinski: Stanford, Texas, Yale
McKeown: Boalt, Georgetown, Michigan, Stanford
O'Scannlain: Harvard, Harvard, Notre Dame, Virginia
Paez: Yale
Pregerson: Boalt, Hastings, Stanford, UCLA
Reinhardt: Harvard, Harvard, Yale, Yale
Rymer: Chicago, Stanford
Schroeder: Arizona, Hastings
Silverman: Stanford, Stanford
Smith: Stanford, USC, Virginia
Tallman: Hastings
Thomas: Columbia, Stanford, Yale, Yale
Wardlaw: Columbia, NYU, UCLA, UCLA
Alarcon (Sr.): USC
Beezer (Sr.): Virginia
Browning (Sr.): Boalt, Harvard
Brunetti (Sr.): Hastings
Canby (Sr.): Stanford
Farris (Sr.): Harvard, Stanford, Washington
Ferguson (Sr.): NYU, NYU
B. Fletcher (Sr.): Cardozo, Georgetown, Vanderbilt
Goodwin (Sr.): Washington
Hall (Sr.): GWU, Loyola Los Angeles, UCLA
D. Nelson (Sr.): Boalt, UCLA
Noonan (Sr.): Stanford
Tashima (Sr.): Texas, UCLA, UCLA
Thompson (Sr.): Duke, Stanford

Unavailable: Graber, Rawlinson, Boochever (Sr.), Fernandez (Sr.), Hug (Sr.), Leavy (Sr.), Skopil (Sr.), Sneed (Sr.), T. Nelson (Sr.), Trott (Sr.), Wallace (Sr.)

*Data seems incorrect with five reported clerks.

10th Circuit

Briscoe: GWU, Michigan, Northwestern
Gorsuch: Boalt, Duke, Harvard, Stanford
Hartz: Harvard, Michigan, Stanford
Holmes: Georgetown, Harvard, Harvard
Kelly: Boston College, BYU, Fordham
Lucero: Duke, GWU, NYU, NYU
McConnell: Harvard, Northwestern, Yale, Yale
Murphy: Georgetown, Michigan
Tymkovich: Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford
Baldock (Sr.): Seton Hall, W&L
Ebel (Sr.): Stanford, Stanford, Texas

Unavailable: Henry, O'Brien, Tacha, Anderson (Sr.), Barrett (Sr.), Brorby (Sr.), Holloway (Sr.), McKay (Sr.), McWilliams (Sr.), Porfilio (Sr.), Seymour (Sr.)

11th Circuit

Anderson: Emory, Georgia, Georgia
Barkett: Harvard, Stanford
Birch: Vanderbilt
Black: Duke, Notre Dame, Wisconsin
Carnes: Emory, Florida, GWU, Notre Dame
Dubina: Alabama, Alabama, Georgia
Edmondson: Stanford, Texas
Hull: Emory, Emory, GWU, Michigan
Marcus: Stanford
Pryor: Harvard, Notre Dame, Virginia
Tjoflat: Alabama, Duke, Harvard, Harvard, Texas
Wilson: Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Yale
Cox (Sr.): Alabama
Kravitch (Sr.): Texas, Tulane, Virginia

Unavailable: Clark (Sr.), Cox (Sr.), Fay (Sr.), Godbold (Sr.), Hill (Sr.)

DC Circuit

Brown: Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, GWU
Garland: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Yale
Ginsburg: Columbia, Harvard, NYU
Griffith: Harvard, Harvard, Michigan
Kavanaugh: Harvard, Stanford, Virginia
Randolph: Chicago, Columbia, Yale, Yale
Rogers: Michigan, Stanford, Yale, Yale
Sentelle: North Carolina, Washington
Tatel: Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford
Edwards (Sr.): NYU, Yale
Silberman (Sr.): Harvard
Williams (Sr.): Boalt, Virginia, Yale

Unavailable: Henderson, Buckley (Sr.)

Percentage of this circuit's known clerks
from each school
(37 known clerks)
Yale 8 21.6%
Harvard 7 18.9%
Columbia 4 10.8%
Stanford 4 10.8%
Georgetown 2 5.4%
Michigan 2 5.4%
NYU 2 5.4%
Virginia 2 5.4%
Boalt 1 2.7%
Chicago 1 2.7%
Duke 1 2.7%
GWU 1 2.7%
North Carolina 1 2.7%
Washington 1 2.7%

Federal Circuit

Bryson: Duke, Stanford
Dyk: Harvard, Northwestern
Mayer: Michigan
Michel: Kent, Penn, Stanford
Moore: Harvard, Penn
Rader: George Mason, Washington
Schall: Duke, Vanderbilt, Virginia
Clevenger (Sr.): Penn
Archer (Sr.): None
Cowen (Sr.): Inactive
Plager (Sr.): None

Unavailable: Gajarsa, Linn, Lourie, Newman, Prost, Friedman (Sr.)